Stock Up on the Essentials (and More) at Friendship Gourmet Market

Talk about a one-stop shop. Friendship Gourmet Market has something delicious for you to eat right now, and an onsite mini mart for you to grab a couple of staples. Anything to avoid another trip to the grocery store! Stop in to the Friendship Gourmet Market for classic deli-style breakfast, lunch, and dinner options, from eggs your way in the morning, to meaty sandwiches and pizzas the rest of the day. The prices will have you looking twice. You could hardly produce these same dishes at home for less, as most panini and sandwiches are under $8. 

You can treat Friendship Gourmet Market as a grab-and-go spot on your way across town, or sit and eat in the small dining area. But if you stay onsite, you might get the urge to have a glass of wine. Friendship Gourmet Market has rows of bottles lining the seating area for you to stock your pantry. Visit this local favorite on Mondays for the occasional specialty – Ethiopian food served family style.