Satisfy a Craving for Italian Fare at Lia’s in Chevy Chase

Prepare yourself for a decision-making conundrum of epic proportions. Everything at Lia’s Italian restaurant is just so good – how do you decide? It’s way too easy to load up on appetizers like risotto balls, wings, or crispy calamari, but be warned! You don’t to fill up before a main course. Do you go pizza or pasta tonight? Or a signature burger with bacon and cheddar? Then your eyes glance down to the featured entrees, and you know you’re really in trouble. Jumbo lump crab cakes, braised short ribs, and chicken parmesan? What to choose, indeed. 

The good news is that it’s all delicious, and Lia’s can be your go-to neighborhood haunt whether it’s a busy day this holiday season and you simply can’t cook, or you have a special event worth celebrating with a sumptuous meal. Lia’s has also been quick to respond to the pandemic, and offers easy ordering for delivery or pick-up directly from the site, or catering options if you need to stock your fridge during the holidays. Find Lia’s on Willard Avenue in Chevy Chase.