Savor the Flavors of Authentic Italian Fare at Cesco Osteria

The amazing Chef Ricci has been a staple in Italian style cuisine for more than 20 years and is now bringing his excellence to Cesco Osteria, an Italian restaurant located just four miles outside of Bethesda. Flavors are accentuated with the use of smooth and light olive oil during the cooking process rather than heavy butters and creams, and Chef Ricci always adds a touch of his own unique, expert flair to each and every dish that is served. 

Customers simply cannot get enough of the grilled Mediterranean sea bass, the freshly baked rolls of bread, Tuscan-style pizzas and hand crafted cocktails. If it’s wine that you prefer, you’ve also come to the right place as the wine list goes on and on, with more than 250 different chairman selected wines hailing straight from Italy.

Be sure to treat yourself to a true taste of Italy and come in for dine in service, or order online for pick up and explore the elegance that is Cesco Osteria.