Bring a Love of French Language to Bonjour Books DC

You never know when a second language is going to come in handy. So whether you’re looking to travel the world, find a new career path, or simply indulge your literary mind with a romance language challenge, heading to Bonjour Books DC is a great place to start learning French. Or if you’ve already started on your French journey, a way to find a like-minded community and practice your skills. This local French-language book store is owned and operated by a lovely woman looking to share her passion for French with the local community. She started the shop after trying to find books for her son as she raised him to be bilingual and couldn’t really find anything locally. So, this is her passion project, and it’s only just beginning!

Beyond the books, they also partner with a local organization to offer virtual French classes via Zoom. They promise no boring grammar exercises and a whole lot of fun, so it’s a useful language learning tool that may turn into your passion project too! Bonne chance!

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