Have You Tried the Nutella Latte at Tout de Sweet Pastry Shop?

Craving something sugary and sweet? Visit Tout de Sweet Pastry Shop for a yummy treat like their pistachio-chocolate croissant or a box of macarons and a Nutella latte! You’ll find a variety of pastries and coffee drinks on their menu to pick and choose from, with a little something to satisfy everyone. A few items you’ll see on the menu are croissants, scones, pound cake, bread, cupcakes, tea, coffee, and lattes. Still unsure what piques your interest the most? Try their almond croissant and pair it with a honey lavender steamer beverage. 

Upon arrival, the atmosphere has a bright, cheery setting with bluish-green and white walls, a counter to place your order, pretty plant decor, and a few tables and chairs spread out neatly. It’s a relaxing spot in town, perfect for spending a few hours doing work on your laptop or meeting up with friends and family over warm lattes and sweet scones. 

You’re also welcome to place your order for pickup or have it delivered right to your apartment. The choice is yours! Treat yourself and order a delicious snack from here soon.