Craving Healthy Takeout at The Lindley? Order From Shouk!

Working on your nutrition in the new year, but craving takeout? It doesn’t have to be one or the other. Get Shouk delivered to your apartment this weekend, and you’ll be delighted. This fast-casual spot is known for its flavorful and fresh plant-based Middle Eastern menu.

You can opt for pitas, bowls, salads, sides, sweets, and they even sell some of their favorite staples in their market section.

Let’s start with meals. They have a few signature options that are served in either a pita, atop a rice and lentil bowl, or atop greens. You choose! Options include BBQ pulled jackfruit with red cabbage slaw, crispy shallots, and mesquite smoked BBQ sauce, or the famous Shouk Burger, a veggie burger topped with tomato, pickled turnip, arugula, charred onion, and tahini. If you love traditional falafel, they make a mean version that they serve with pickled green cabbage, Israeli salad, pickle, and tahini. You can also opt for Caesar salad, hummus and pita, red lentil soup, just to name a few of their other tasty menu items. If you have a sweet tooth, you have to grab a couple of their chocolate cardamom cookies. While it may not be “healthy” per se, it’s good for your soul!

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