Bozzuto The Lindley May Ensemble Kitchen

Try Everything at Once at Ensemble Kitchen!

Ensemble Kitchen is a single kitchen where you can order from a variety of restaurants under one roof for takeout or delivery. They work with chefs and dish creators from your favorite restaurants in the area to create a new and groundbreaking experience you have to try!

Stay home and order several different styles of food without waiting for takeout or driving across town for delivery. Just ask your nearest Ensemble Kitchen to cook your favorite dish from local restaurants, including national chains, for you.

They are constantly working to improve their restaurants’ offerings and quality of service and even offer a new platform that will allow you to order even faster! Whether you’re craving a classic Italian recipe or a modern Asian fusion dish, Ensemble is ready to serve! 

Take this opportunity to discover new restaurants, eat delicious new foods, and support the businesses that are bringing them to you. Learn more at:

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